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Tactical Hydration Bladders | Tactical Hydration Packs

Source Tactical Gear Tactical Hydration Bladders and Tactical Hydration Packs are used by police, first responders, professionals, athletes, and outdoor lovers around the world.
Our unique innovative hydration systems technology provides clean, healthy, easily accessible solutions for people on the move.

Tactical Backpacks

Our Tactical backpacks are designed by ex IDF soldiers for maximum functionality, durability, and comfort. All backpacks (except Pro 95L) include a full hydration system: bladder, tube, and valve.

Tactical Hydration Accessories

Our Tactical Hydration Accessories are specially designed to upgrade the usability and experience of hydration on the go

About Source

Source unique hydration technology represents a quantum leap in hydration systems: Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. FDA approved and EPA registered antibacterial permanently embedded in the film blocks bacteria growth. Multi-layer polyethylene film prevents bio-film build-up making the system virtually self-cleaning.


SOURCE (est 1989) is Israel’s largest tactical gear manufacturer and exporter, a worldwide innovation leader in design and technology. SOURCE is an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) supplier for 25 years as well as supplier for armed forces and hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries around the globe.