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30 Years Experience in Genuine Innovation & Manufacturing Highest Quality Gear

SOURCE (est 1989) is Israel’s largest tactical gear manufacturer and exporter, a worldwide innovation leader in design and technology. SOURCE is an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) supplier for 25 years as well as supplier for armed forces and hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries around the globe.

Tactical Backpack

What Makes The Difference

SOURCE is the only Israeli tactical equipment manufacturer that manufactures all elements of tactical gear: Textile (vests, uniforms, packs) and ballistic panels (soft and hard), Hydration Bladders, and Backpacks. We are committed to designing our products in a manner that reflects our spirits and values: Our design is to be innovative, functional, simple, durable, and environmentally aware. We transform traditional textile-oriented designs into a new generation of High-End innovative gear. Our uniqueness is in the holistic approach embedded in our products.


Source registered multiple patents in the field of hydration systems and load-bearing concepts


A long list of armed forces and MOD’s switched to Source Tactical Gear Solutions & Technologies.


Hundreds of thousands of Source systems are in use, with many field-tested in the most extreme conditions.


Designed by soldiers for soldiers. Source’s chief designer and much of its key personnel are ex-officers in the IDF elite forces.


Our in-house design and development team can provide custom-made product samples built to specs in a flash!


We’ve developed procedures to scientifically evaluate performance to improve agility, performance, and survivability.

Facts and Figures

  • SOURCE started in 1990 as an outdoor company.
  • 7000 SQM facility located in northern Israel.
  • 250 Employees, strong ‘family ethos’ with US and UK Program offices.
  • 90% of revenues are export. 80% of revenues are a result of government contracts and military sales.
  • Recognized by the Israel securities authority as an R&D company.
  • More than 10 international patents.
  • Most of SOURCE R&D and management staff are ex-IDF elite forces officers.
  • Market leader and sole supplier to major defense forces around the world.
  • ISO – 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified; experience in managing hi-spec.
  • One of the largest production facilities for soft ballistic body armor.
  • Integrating social values and business with 5% of profits being donated to the community.

Soldier As A System

Our mission

  • To provide the infantry soldier around the world with comprehensive state of the art protective gear, load-bearing and hydration solutions, so they can successfully perform their present and future combat missions.
  • To bring traditional textile oriented military gear such as backpacks, water canteens, combat vests, and body armors into a new generation of High-End innovative gear.
  • Source uniqueness is in the holistic approach looking at the fighting soldier as an integrated platform/system rather than a carrying mule that bears whatever is “loaded” on it.
  • Genuine Innovation: Source’s technologies virtually eliminate the issue of cleaning, delivering water that’s fresh and safe.
  • Creating New Standards: We’re developing procedures to scientifically evaluate performance, helping militaries to build better specs.
  • Fast Response: We can provide custom made hydration samples in as little as two weeks.
  • Designed by Soldiers: Source’s head designer and much of its key personnel are ex-officers in the IDF elite forces.
  • Credibility: Armed forces, law enforcement and professionals around the world are using and appreciating SOURCE products in their everyday work.
  • Combat Proven: Hundreds of thousands of Source systems are in use, with many field-tested in the most extreme conditions.

Committed to Sustainability

SOURCE is a company with strong ties and responsibility to the community, promoting and enhancing the idea of a sustainable local economy. Each year 5% of SOURCE’s net profit is dedicated to social or environmental activities in the nearby community. Our products are produced in-house at our ISO 9001 certified factory, located in Tirat-Carmel, Israel.

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