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Lightweight Hiking Boots vs. Lightweight Hiking Sandals

The secret to a successful hike is making sure your feet are happy, dry, and comfortable from the beginning to the end. Sweaty, blistery, uncomfortable, or wet feet are the recipe for a disaster hike. Choosing the best, and more

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11 Of The Greatest Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

The holiday season can be filled with stress and panic last-minute buying gifts. If you know someone that’s an outdoor enthusiast, why not get them something they will use for years to come? After all, there’s nothing worse than opening

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Survival Skills You Need For Your Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking may be one of the most liberating ways to travel or explore the world around you. But whether you’re a backpacker for one year or just a weekend, it doesn’t come without inherent dangers that can put your life

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Survival Skills Everyone Should Know Part 2: Building a Fire

Essential emergency skills: Fire. How to stay alive for the first 24 hours in an emergency.

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