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Hydration Packs

Source Tactical Hydration packs are used by police, first responders, soldiers, professionals, athletes, and adventurers because of their smart design, high quality, and durability of fabrics and water bladder. 

For long outings, water is scarce and the option to refill is often limited. Tactical hydration packs provide a substantial water supply. Our wide range of tactical hydration packs includes all sizes and designs: packs that can be worn backpack style, inserted in a backpack, or attached via MOLLE or buckles on vests and larger backpacks. 


Why is Having a Tactical Hydration Pack so Important? 

Staying hydrated is critical for the human body. Drinking enough water is crucial because it regulates body temperature, prevents infections, and delivers nutrients throughout the body. Low levels of fluids result in headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, and mood swings.

Especially in emergency situations, water is the most essential element of survival.  Make sure you are drinking at least the recommended amount of water each day. The appropriate amount of water differs depending on several factors like gender, environment, and activity. Increasing the amount of water you drink is simple and will positively affect your performance.


What to Look for in a Tactical Hydration Pack? 

Many of the SOURCE Tactical Hydration Packs have dual functions as they can be worn backpack style, or quickly converted for direct attachment to body armor, vests, larger backpacks - or even to a war belt (see our popular Kangaroo 1L Bladder with MOLLE pouch). 


What Are the Different Types of Tactical Hydration Packs? 

SOURCE offers different types of tactical hydration packs with a perfect match for every kit and mission: The Transporter 2L (70 oz) and the Tactical 3L Hydration Packs are favorites with S.W.A.T. and LE units thanks to the low profile shape, light, and durable build and insulated protecting reservoir compartment. The Razor is a low-profile 3L (100 oz) hydration MOLLE pouch, designed for integration with MOLLE-based ballistic vests and load-bearing equipment. It includes the WLPS Low Profile bladder. The Rider is SOURCE’s most versatile low-profile pack designed specifically for ballistic vest integration, yet it quickly converts for back carriage or backpack insertion.
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