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Kangaroo | Hydration
Pouch | 1L (32 oz.)


The Kangaroo is a modular pouch canteen/hydration system that works where back mounted systems often do not. Its bladder is made from SOURCE developed 3 layers coextruded Polyethylene film featuring Taste-Free quality, low maintenance, Glass-Like surface, and integrated Grunge-Guard antimicrobial protection.



Care Free Tm


Cleaning and maintenance is not an issue: Water stays fresh and tasty for days and weeks - just fill, drink, refill.

Grunge Guard Tm

Grunge Guard™

An antibacterial agent permanently embedded in the reservoir’s Glass-Like film keeps your water fresh and clean. It has no effect on the contents, is non-leaching and effective for the life of the system.

Glass Like


The inside of SOURCE bladders is super smooth, 2000% smoother than competitors, and almost as smooth as glass. This helps prevent bio-film buildup in the reservoir.

Taste Free


All SOURCE bladders are 100% BPA and Phthalate free and retain the pure taste of liquids without any plastic flavor. Your water stays fresh, odor- and taste-free for days, even weeks.

Widepack Tm

Widepac Closure

The original user-friendly and air-tight Widepac Slide Closure opens wide, allows easy filling, ice-insertion, cleaning and drying. Appreciated by millions of SOURCE customers for almost 30 years.



German Flecktarn Desert
German Flecktarn Woodland



Exterior Fabric

Cordura 500

Liner Fabric

Nylon 210


PE Foam

Adjusting Straps

Heavy Duty PP

Reservoir Capacity

1 Liter

Hydration Extras

Dirt Shield
Tube Cover

Drinking Valve

Storm Push-Pull Valve

Drinking Tube Length

94 cm / 37 in

Bladder Design

Widepac Opening

Weight (kg)


Dimensions (cm)

19 × 1 × 21 cm


Tactical Hydration Pouch compatible with the Kangaroo Hydration System for easy attachment to vest or war belt via MOLLE webbing.

Features Kangaroo Pouch

  • High performance 1L Hydration Pack for attachment via MOLLE to vest or war belt.
  • Compatible with 1L Kangaroo bladder.
  • Velcro opening for easy access to the bladder.
  • Closed-cell insulation keeps water cool.
  • Tube routing velcro strap prevents the tube from dangling.
  • Drain eyelet drains condensation in the insulated reservoir sleeve.

Features 1L Kangaroo Hydration Bladder

  • Hi-Flow Storm-Valve: No-bite push-pull valve with integrated shut-off mechanism. Easy disassembly for cleaning. Can be exchanged easily with our Helix bite valve (sold separately).
  • Angled valve design: Turns 360 degrees for perfect valve/mouth orientation; allows the tube to be 25cm shorter; less excess tube bouncing around the chest.
  • Drinking tube with weave cover sleeve keeps the water in the tube insulated and blocks UV light to inhibit bacteria growth. A dirt shield valve cover to protect the mouthpiece from dirt is included.
  • Leak-proof Wideslide opening for easy filling, emptying and drying.
  • Dirt shield valve cover protects mouthpiece from dirt.
  • Self-sealing SQC connecting the drinking tube to the bladder: simply disconnect the drinking tube when inserting/refilling the bladder.
  • Drinking valve connected with quick coupling, allows quick attachment of accessories like SOURCE UTA Rapid Refill Adaptor, Helix Valve or filters without spilling.
  • Tough 3 layer construction featuring Glass-Like, Taste-Free and Grunge-Guard antimicrobial protection.
  • German versions include a Bottler cap opening.


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