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Smart Hydration Accessories

SOURCE smart hydration accessories and extras will further facilitate the use and handling of your hydration pack. The accessories are built as tough and reliable as the equipment they complement. 

The easily exchangeable hydration bladder tubes with UV-block weave cover come in a variety of camo prints and are easy to replace and switch thanks to the self-sealing SOURCE Quick Connect (SQC) adaptors. The drinking tube SQC also connects to other gear like water purification filters, drinking valves, or the UTA rapid refill adaptor. 

What Are Must-Have Hydration Bladder Accessories? 

Practical add-ons designed by SOURCE are the Magnetic Clip to hold the drinking tube and valve in place at all times, and the unique UTA rapid refill adaptor allowing to re-fill the bladder on the go through the drinking tube, without removing it from the pack, 

The hydration bladder tube brush cleaning kit helps remove residue from the drinking tube of any hydration bladder and is particularly recommended when using the bladder with sweetened/flavored drinks. 

The Convertube is a breakthrough innovation in hydration technology that turns almost any bottle into a hydration system in 3 easy steps. The Convertube is compatible with most standard bottles – and our Liquitainer foldable bottles (1L and 2L).
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