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Convertube |
Converting Bottles
to Hydration Systems


The SOURCE Convertube converts almost any water bottle to a hydration system, allowing hands-free drinking on the move.

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Drinking Valve

Storm Push-Pull Valve

Drinking Tube Length

94 cm / 37 in

Inner Tube Length (inserted into the bottle) –

Hydration Extras

Dirt Shield
Tube Cover

Weight (kg)


Dimensions (cm)

9.4 × 3.5 × 4 cm


The Convertube is an innovation in hydration technology that allows you to convert almost any bottle to a hydration system – in just 3 easy steps: Choosing the appropriate adaptor size – Adjusting the length of the straw – Screwing it on like a bottle cap.

The Convertube is compatible with most standard bottles – and our Liquitainer foldable bottles (1L and 2L).


Convertube Bottle Sizes
Convertube Adaptor Sizes



  • 4 Convertube adaptors for standard water bottles
  • High-flow Storm drinking valve
  • Tube weave cover with UV protection
  • Dirt Shield protect valve from dust and dirt
  • Easy installation in 3 steps

The Convertube Adaptors

  • Standard PET (26mm)
  • Evian PET (30mm)
  • Nalgene (63mm)
  • Sigg (26mm)

* As well as SOURCE Liquitainers and any other bottle with one of these standard size caps.

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