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Introducing: Source Upgrade Kits

Now combat soldiers can finally hydrate fast and in good taste!

Source Tactical Gear has released a series of three UPGRADE KITS that allow any soldier, with any conventional gear, to upgrade their hydration system to our genuine, world famous, reservoirs and accessories.

Why Upgrade?

Only with a Source Hydration System you’ll gain:

LOW PROFILE At last a reservoir that leaves some space for cargo. We know there’s more than just water that needs to fit into a fighter’s gear. With a new baffled wall welded inside the reservoir, we have succeeded to limit the bulging of the reservoir to keep a slim form even when full. The LOW PROFILE keeps the load balanced in operation.

WIDEPAC™ CLOSURE A wide opening of the reservoir, using our original patented slide bar, makes filling and drying super easy and fast. This smart closure system is strong enough to withstand over 230kg (500 lbs.).

TASTE FREE™ The film we developed for our hydration systems ensures your water stays fresh and tasteless. None of that rubber aroma! The surface of our film, unlike others, is made super smooth, we call it GLASS LIKE™. It’s so smooth that bacteria and mold find it virtually impossible to grow on it. This way the water stays fresh without the need for extra care or cleaning tablets.

GRUNGE GUARD™ Takes the thinking out of drinking! On top of that we incorporate our original anti microbial into the film during the production process QMT™ Our self sealing “Quick Connect” enables easy disconnect of the tube and valve, making it easier to remove the reservoir to refill. It is compatible with various accessories such as our UTA™ (Universal Tap Adaptor) as well as different filters and pumps that are available on the market.

In all our UPGRADE KITS we included our Universal Tap Adaptor, the UTA™. The UTA allows you to plug in your hydration system to any tap or water bottle and refill your reservoir without taking it out of your gear.

Three UPGRADE KITS are available:
(for more details click on the links below)

WXP 3L Upgrade Kit

Wxp 3l Upgrade Kit 3

ILPS 2L/3L with UTA

Hydration Bladder Ilps 3l Coyote 1 540x540 1

UTA & Storm Upgrade Kit

Uta Storm Upgrade Kit

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