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SOURCE Tactical Gear Blog Source Rider, Dagger and Razor Hydration Carriers

Cass Chinn of prepared this detailed informative write-up of our Rider, Dagger and Razor Hydration Carriers.

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Source Hydration seems to be leading the competition in introducing new reservoir shapes, sizes and configurations to meet the needs of the warfighter…

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Source at the 2012 SHOT Show (Video) has posted videos of Source at the 2012 SHOT Show. Watch Matt Fisher present our new products and technology…

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“The system is rock solid which I’ve come to expect from Israeli companies and source is no exception. Very well made and I recommend the purchase if you need a new hydration system.”

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Introducing: RIDER

Introducing: Source’s RIDER. The new innovative RIDER carrier is the hydration system solution for the warfighter’s everyday needs.

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GORUCK Challenge – Firsthand Account

For those that don’t know the GORUCK Challenge, it is a team event inspired by the most elite training offered to Special Forces soldiers and led by Green Berets.

Read more’s ‘Kit Up’ online gear review’s ‘Kit Up’ online gear blog just did an article on the Eagle Industries Yote pack, which uses the Source 3L WXP reservoir.

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Source Hydration as seen in “Battle: Los Angeles”

Be sure to watch for Source’s USMC Tactical 3L Hydration System in the upcoming Columbia Pictures “Battle: Los Angeles” film due to be released on March 11th in the United States. This exciting science fiction film features Aaron Eckhart as Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz who leads a platoon of US Marines in battle against a force of aliens who are intent on destroying all mankind from the face of the Earth.

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Source named Best for Battlefield in Army Times hydration review

It is always satisfying to hear or read that we are getting it right. In a thorough independent test of 8 hydration systems, the SOURCE WXP Helix Valve came out the winner, being described as ‘almost perfect when it comes to battlefield hydration’.

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