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Spectacular parkour freerunning – in SOURCE Sandals

We’ve seen people do a lot of things wearing our SOURCE Sandals. But we had no idea THIS could be done.

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We spent two very inspiring and rewarding weeks in the US, presenting our 2014 products to the US professional audience…

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Let the show begin! New SOURCE 2014 products at the Shot Show in Vegas

We’re presenting these new 2014 Hydration Packs and Hydration Systems at the upcoming Shot Show in Las Vegas.

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Hydration in winter – keep the flow!

Snowboarding, skiing, ice climbing, hiking, running or biking in winter: hydration in the cold is just as important as in the summer heat. Here are the important facts and tips about hydration in the cold.

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Richard Bowles Escapes Sumatran Volcano Eruption

“Australians Richard Bowles, 35 and Andre Stamatakakos, 28, say they are lucky to be alive after what they describe as a terrifying evacuation from the violently erupting Mount Sinabung volcano.”

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Invented by SOURCE – New patents registered

The story of SOURCE started with a groundbreaking invention. And we keep inventing: We just registered our SPRESH Squeezable Bottle and the Universal Tube Adaptor (UTA) with the US Office of Patents and Trademarks.

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Drinking Valves – Bite or Push-Pull?

What’s the best hydration mouthpiece and drinking valve for you? – It may sound like a technical question but it’s way more than that. It’s personal.

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It’s no secret: What makes our reservoirs better bladders

Our Hydration Systems have been getting great reviews. Without going too much into the details, here’s some background on why we are “Best in Test” in the UK Trail Magazine. And why the US Backpacker Magazine calls our reservoir “better bladder”.

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SOURCE hydration: 2,000% smoother

SOURCE hydration bladders are practically self-cleaning. One of the key reasons: Our unique Glass-Like™ Technology. See the microscopic imaging results of our bladder’s surface.

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