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Spectacular parkour freerunning – in SOURCE Sandals

We had no idea THIS could be done. We’ve seen people do a lot of things wearing our SOURCE Sandals (from crazy outdoor-stuff to wedding-parties). But we’re amazed what they show in this parkour/freerunning video that went viral last week and is already past 200,000 views.

We’re in touch now with the network of Russian parkour artists and freerunners responsible for the video. They are based in Tel Aviv these days but active all over the world. They posted the video that was quickly shared with us by people recognizing the sandals after it went viral a week ago. We’re told it’s the first parkour video in sandals.

We’re going to meet Alex this week, one of the guys responsible for the clip, to get a bit more info about the background. And we know by now that the “3run” channel the video went viral from is the platform of a leading parkour/freerunning team in England. We’ll have more on this video shortly here in the blog and on our Facebook page

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