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Let’s Celebrate World Water Day Together

Water. Also known as dihydrogen monoxide. A day that is dedicated to water is near.

The liquid that seems to flow endlessly from our skies, down our streams, through our pipes, and into our water bottles. The liquid that keeps us alive and hydrated. The liquid that was ingested by dinosaurs 65 million years ago, only to be recycled naturally, flowing down our pipes into our mouths.

There is one whole day a year to celebrate water’s existence, power, and strength. To learn about the challenges we face, how to sustainably manage water and protect it for years to come.

But what is World Water Day? Why was it established? And how can I celebrate World Water Day in style?
Find out all the answers in this article.

Soldier is Holding Hydration Bladder

What Is World Water Day?

World Water Day focuses on the importance of fresh, drinkable water. It highlights the importance of having fresh water daily and raises awareness of the millions of people who still don’t have access to drinkable water on a daily basis. It’s about being aware and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Groundwater. The Invisible Water Recharging system

World Water Day is about understanding the difference between groundwater, and the water that flows through your taps.

Groundwater is water found underground in aquifers (rocks, sands, and gravels that hold a large amount of water). Groundwater flows into rivers, lakes, springs, and oceans, and is refilled mainly from rain and snowfall that infiltrates through the ground. Groundwater can then be extracted via pumps and wells to drink.

Groundwater is essential for the survival of all species, especially humans, on this planet. However, when the land that holds the groundwater is overexploited, combined with pollution, this can lead to the ground being prevented from being used.

When Is World Water Day 2022?

This year, World Water Day 2022 is on the 22nd of March. It is held on this day every year.

When Was World Water Day First Established?

World Water Day was first established in 1992 in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. It was declared in the United Nations General Assembly that the 22nd of March of each year is to be known as World Water Day. The first World Water Day was held the year later in March 1993.

Why Was World Water Day First Established?

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution stating that water and sanitation measures are key to poverty reduction, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. These are written out in their resolution in 1992.

Nowadays, World Water Day has turned into a celebration, a day of awareness, learning, and understanding, throughout the world. Stories are shared, people become inspired and new and inventive ways of marking World Water Day have been established over the years.

Hydration Bladder In The Battle Field

Did You Know: Almost All Of Liquid Freshwater In The World Is Groundwater? Here’s Some More Fun Facts:

How Much Water Is Wasted Every Year?

According to the US Geological Survey, about 1,7 trillion gallons of water are wasted every year.

How Much Water Is Used Every Day?

The average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home. Roughly 70% of this use occurs indoors. Outdoor usage accounts for 30% of household use, yet this can be much higher in drier parts of the country.

How Much Water Is Used Every Day At Disney?

The shocking amount of water used every day at Walt Disney World is up to 60 million gallons a day, where the average daily demand is roughly 14 million gallons per day. This clean water is supplied from 11 Floridian Aquifer wells and four pump stations.

How Many People Still Don’t Have Access To Clean Drinking Water?

1 in 3 people globally does not have access to safe drinking water, according to UNICEF, WHO. This is equivalent to 2.2 billion people who do not have safely managed to drink water services.

Soldier is Drinking Water

How To Celebrate World Water Day In Style With Source Tactical

At Source Tactical, we gave birth to the hydration bladder that doesn’t need cleaning or maintenance. We encourage people each and every day to stay hydrated, fill their hydration bladders, and keep on drinking without wasting water on cleaning.

This World Water Day, we are encouraging you to go outside with your hydration bladders or water bottles, go on a hike alone, with friends, or with your family. Take one day a year to truly appreciate being able to fill your bladder, or water bottle to the top, without worrying if the water is clean.

If you don’t have a hydration bladder or bottle to hand, check out the Source Tactical Gear website. We decided to discount our most popular hydration products so everyone can enjoy World Water Day to the maximum, with no limitations.

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