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Watch: VIRTUS Soldier System Background & Features

Get a 360° overview and more details on VIRTUS: SOURCE’s Dynamic Weight Distribution (DWD) Adjustable Spine, the scaleable tactical vest and background info on the Soldier as a System approach and the background story of VIRTUS.

The new VIRTUS short starts out with a simple truth: “A basic kit can weigh up to 50 Kilos or more.” And it goes on to explain what the developers and specialists at SOURCE – many of them special forces officers themselves – worked on for the last years: “At SOURCE we made our mission to increase your comfort, agility, performance and survivability whilst reducing fatigue. The result is VIRTUS.”

Get some background and insight in the groundbreaking VIRTUS concept and features, and how it came to be what it is now: the UK MOD selected new Soldier as a System approach – chosen “not by bean counters but by trials troops”. Out of four invited companies, the SOURCE Virtus was the troops’ clear favorite. Made of 89 issued components, manufactured in 20 facilities in 9 countries by 6 manufacturers, we at SOURCE are proud to deliver the VIRTUS to the British Armed Forces.

As we have been receiving frequent inquiries about commercially available VIRTUS components: please sign up to our monthly Newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date on new products. Meanwhile, take a look at our SOURCE Packs and SOURCE Hydration Systems as they carry the same basic DNA as VIRTUS – making your life easier by offering better quality and smarter gear.

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