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SOURCE Virtus Soldier System

4 Top Tips Using Virtus – By Virtus Instructors To British Army

Our VIRTUS Soldier System has been issued in the past years to 10,000s of British Army soldiers in a growing number of units deployed all over the world. The SOURCE Virtus UK Instructors Team is lead by Phil and Al,

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Chat With SOURCE VIRTUS UK Instructors at Telemark Championships

Phil and Al both support SOURCE in the UK, delivering training and expertise for the VIRTUS Soldier System. They both compete in this year’s Telemark Championships and we took some time to chat about Telemark and their job, instructing units

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SOURCE VIRTUS Evolving to Meet the Ever Changing Needs of the 21st Century Soldier

Treating the soldier as a system, SOURCE have continued to improve the VIRTUS Soldier System to meet the changing demands of the modern soldier.

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Winning The Royal Marine Operational Shooting Competition with VIRTUS

The Royal Marine Operational Shooting Competition (RMOSC) has one standout feature: competitors are required to carry 31 pounds of gear. Royal Marine Reservist Cpl Al Kendrick won this year’s RMOSC edition – thanks, in part, to the smart load distribution

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SOURCE Proudly Supports UK Army Winter Sports

Ex Telemark Titan 2018 or Ex TT is the single Service and British Telemark championship event sponsored by SOURCE.

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SOURCE Virtus Soldier System on display at DVD

SOURCE Tactical Gear is proud to display the Virtus Soldier System this year’s DVD show in England, a key event for all those involved in UK Land Forces equipment and support.

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SOURCE Virtus @ British – US Army Joint Exercise Rattlesnake

Ali Gibson, British Forces TV, is getting first hand feedback for British Army’s new SOURCE Virtus Soldier System.

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Virtus SOURCE Soldier System in the Field

Watch this report by the British Army Forces TV about Virtus performance in the field.

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Watch: VIRTUS Soldier System Background & Features

Get a 360° overview and some background on VIRTUS: SOURCE’s Dynamic Weight Distribution (DWD) Adjustable Spine, the scaleable tactical vest, background info on the Soldier as a System approach …

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