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SOURCE iVis Hydration Pack wins Good Design Award

And the winner is … Our products usually don’t compete with shavers, radios and grills. Just the more reason for us to be proud that the jury of the Australian Design Award awarded the new SOURCE iVis Hydration Pack with the AustralianGood Design Award in Commercial and Industrial Design. 

The iVis is a high visibility Hydration pack incorporating the WXP low-profile, wide mouth water bladder low-profile, wide mouth water bladder with a flexible hose. It’s the ideal partner to take on the road, when all you need is water and a small essentials pocket. The Firefly will make sure you’re seen in any weather condition, and will keep you hydrated. The tucked away straps and hydration tube help you maneuver around without getting caught.

High visibility and all advantages of SOURCE Hydration Systems

The WXP low-profile bladder features all the advantages of SOURCE Hydration Systems: tough 3 layer construction with Glass-like™ PE liner, it’s Taste-Free™ and Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial, it has a leak-proof slider with wide opening, external fill port, self-sealing QMT™ with push button convenience and a built in shut off mechanism which allows our Universal Tube Adaptor (UTA™) or valves to be disconnected without spilling.

Now in the running for Australian International Design Award

We are very happy that the jurors decided to award the iVis Firefly with the Good Design Award in Commercial and Industrial Design. The iVis Firefly is now in the running for the Australian International Design Award. We recommend the jurors will take our Firefly for a spin outdoors! A big round of applause for our product designers!

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