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Patrol 35 L – Winter Bug Out Bag on LivingSurvival

Ben from LivingSurvival recently posted his review of our 2014 Patrol 35L Cargo Hydration Pack on YouTube, featuring the Patrol as his winter bug out bag, packing cold weather gear and much more. Ben’s conclusion: “The Source Tactical pack is great for larger loads and comfort when bugging out.” We appreciate the professional in depth review – take a look!

Thanks to Ben and everybody tuning in to LivingSurvival and posting a comment! We’re thrilled to see a lot of qualified observations and questions to the clip and the Patrol features. Have a great winter, everybody!

“I am a big fan of the removable belt. Makes a big difference. Great review bro.” The Daily Shooter

“I really like that compression strap design. never seen that before.” Malcolm Coderre

“Killer pack with many good points. Like the x-tra large pocket, H2O system, and cushy back padding.” MI Timberwookie.

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