Our Mission

Our Mission
  • To provide the infantry soldier around the world with comprehensive state of the art load bearing and hydration gear solutions, so they can successfully perform their present and future combat missions.
  • To bring traditional textile oriented military gear such as backpacks, water canteens, combat vests and body armors into a new generation of High End innovative gear.
  • Source uniqueness is in the holistic approach looking at the fighting soldier as an integrated platform/system rather than a carrying mule that bears whatever is “loaded” on it.
  • Genuine Innovation: Source’s technologies virtually eliminate the issue of cleaning, delivering water that’s fresh and safe.
  • Creating New Standards: We’re developing procedures to scientifically evaluate hydration performance, helping militaries to build better specs.
  • Fast Response: We can provide custom made hydration samples in as little as two weeks.
  • Designed by Soldiers: Source’s head designer and much of its key personnel are ex-officers in the IDF elite forces.
  • Credibility: In the last year several major armies have switched to Source from other hydration systems.
  • Combat Proven: Hundreds of thousands of Source systems are in use, with many field tested in the most extreme conditions.