CBRN Hydration Technology

Source's unique technology represents a quantum leap in hydration systems, providing clean, healthy, easily accessible solutions for people on the move.

taste free

CBRN Protection

Our Max. CBRN film withstands a 6 hour chemical warefare agent challenge (HD, GB, VX) after 30 days of operational use.

grunge guard

CBRN PTB Glass-Like™ Film

This proprietary multilayer film utilizes an exclusive Glass-Like™ liner in combination with a unique CBRN barrier layer. This unique technology ensures a high level of protection against chemical and biological threats while maintaining the Taste-Free™ and easy cleaning qualities found in Source’s standard hydration systems.

glass like

SVL™ (Source Valve Link)

Our SVL™ connects the GML™ (Gas Mask Link) to our Storm non-Bite Valve or Helix Bite Valve for standard non-CBRN drinking or CBRN training. Available to fit either Type A or M masks.

care free

GML™ (Gas Mask Link)

Our GML™ is a one piece adaptor designed to provide an extremely secure connection between the hydration system and gas mask. It includes an integrated shutoff valve to safeguard against accidental backflow into the mask.

care free

CBRN Filler Cap

Our EasyCap™ is a conventional style CBRN cap that seals tight and opens easily even while using gloves.