• From a one-room apartment to today's full-scale in-house production facility.
  • 20 years in operation.
  • 200-strong company.
  • Worldwide customer base.
  • Products that reflect our company values.
  • A company with strong ties and responsibility to the community.
  • Source has always been a groundbreaker in hydration and sandal technology.

In search of the Source, we are committed to:

  • Satisfy real needs of real people who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Bring original, functional, long lasting gear to the marketplace.
  • Incorporate values and humanity in all forms and areas of our business.
  • Encourage ourselves to identify and share responsibility.
  • Liberate our working environment by excluding prejudice in all forms.
  • Embrace human relations as an extended family within our company.
  • Advance towards the goal of environmental sustainability.
  • Make curiosity, joy, respect, passion and caring parts of our daily lives.

Our Mission

  • To produce top quality traveling gear that reflects our values, and meets real needs of the people engaged in outdoor activities and the people who travel the world.
  • To produce outdoor gear that will make our customer's journey richer and more comfortable, while becoming both an indispensable and integral part of their outdoor experience.
  • To become a leading brand of outdoor gear in the market by creating a natural link between our products and the exciting possibilities of travel, and the excitement and passion people feel as they are about to embark on an adventure.

Our Credo


It is our responsibility never to force or to manipulate anyone in the purchasing of our products. We will provide honest and accurate product information that will permit customers to make an informed choice.

  • It is our responsibility to build a "win-win" mutually beneficial relationship with both our customers and suppliers based on respect, honesty and trust.
  • It is our responsibility to conduct our business activities with an openness, positive spirit and sincerity, thereby creating cooperation rather than conflict.
  • It is our responsibility to encourage direct dialogue with our end-users, by doing so this dialogue will enrich their purchasing experience and in return will enlighten us to improve our products.
  • Customer service is the guiding force for all our activities.


  • It is our responsibility to continue improving the value of our products. We accomplish this by continuously searching for new technologies, materials and resources. This is based on the real needs of our customers and innovative ways to make our production and organization more efficient.
  • It is our responsibility in each category of our product range to have the best products on the market and to prove to our customers our commitment to this.
  • We are committed to change our products when we are convinced it can be done in a way that is cost efficient or when we are convinced the benefit outweighs the cost.
  • We are committed to design our products in a manner that reflects our company spirit and values. Our products design is to be functional, simple, durable and environmentally aware.
  • We respect the intellectual properties of others and see our own as a means to express the uniqueness of our company.
  • In the event we will establish a production facility in other locations for strategic or social reasons, it is our commitment that those entities will be based on the same foundations of our current business reflecting the same values.

Our Working Place

  • It is our responsibility that every employee of Source will work under the same structures as follows:
  • It is our responsibility to run our company upon the foundation of "open book management". In which all employees are aware of our financial results and our performance. To reflect the equitable balance between the highest paid person to the lowest, the highest salary at Source will not exceed 5 times the lowest salary in the company (in net terms).
  • It is our responsibility to work to exclude all prejudice in every form from our work place. We strive to develop an atmosphere free of fear, where equality and respect are practiced and nurtured.
  • It is our responsibility to develop and to maintain an effective cooperative work place. This is a work place in which all employees share responsibility, are involved and are aware with what we do.
  • It is our responsibility to embrace everyone within our organization as an extended family. These human relations have deep roots and are long lasting.
  • It is our responsibility to enrich the lives within our organization with experience, education and training, which in turn generates interest, joy and personal fulfillment.

Our Environment

  • Cooperation, not competition is the basis for keeping our ecosystems in balance to ensure future survival. Nature, tradition and ancient cultures will be our ecological guides.
  • We produce quality products that will last, the resources that are used must be replaced in equal or greater quantities.
  • It is our responsibility to minimize the waste of our actions.
  • It is our responsibility to make sure that our actions do not cause harm to our workers or to the environment.
  • We aim to ensure that our business is ecologically sustainable, meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the future.

Our Community

  • By being part of the business sector, which is the strongest most skilled element in a living community, we bare responsibility to share both our resources and management skills with all members of our nearby community.
  • Each year 5% of our net profit is dedicated to the social or environmental activities in our nearby community.
  • We strive to create ground breaking initiatives for a meaningful social change within our community.

Our Society

  • We are a link, part of an infinite chain both in the national and international level. Our activities have an impact on individuals and organizations both on a national and global.
  • As such we are responsible to actively promote peace in our region by commercial interactions, creation of work opportunities and by a face to face dialog with our international neighbors.
  • As such we strive to have our suppliers, our own organization, our distributors and our retailers allocate 1% of their income, associated with Source products, to the social and environmental projects through the Source "Give One Chance" foundation.