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Best Tactical Gear for Civilians: 3 Things You Need

Putting together a solid set of top tactical gear as a civilian can be challenging. This isn’t the military where the brass decides for you what you need, so you have a lot of decisions to make. There are endless

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How To Clean Your Tactical Hydration Pack The Easy Way

SOURCE water bladders are practically zero maintenance. There are still a few maintenance rules and tips to ensure maximum lifespan and functionality.

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What Is MOLLE? Why All Quality Tactical Gear Has It

MOLLE webbing is included in all Source Tactical Gear. Learn what MOLLE is, how it works, and who uses it in our in depth blog.

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Take aim and let loose: Airsoft 101

Get acquainted with the airsoft gameplay, the best sources of information, and some cool airsoft gear to look out for.

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Tactical Gear You Need For Your Next Excursion

From navigation tools and keeping yourself warm, to lighting and emergency gear. What you need is tactical gear that was built with durability in mind.

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Preview: SOURCE Integrated Ultra Light Knee Pads

Source Tactical Gear are formally launching the Patent Pending Integrated Ultra Light IUL Knee Pads™ ahead of DSEI 2019. It is the first knee protection integrated in combat clothing that provides ballistic AND impact protection combined with the comfort and

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4 Top Tips Using Virtus – By Virtus Instructors To British Army

Our VIRTUS Soldier System has been issued in the past years to 10,000s of British Army soldiers in a growing number of units deployed all over the world. The SOURCE Virtus UK Instructors Team is lead by Phil and Al,

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Chat With SOURCE VIRTUS UK Instructors at Telemark Championships

Phil and Al both support SOURCE in the UK, delivering training and expertise for the VIRTUS Soldier System. They both compete in this year’s Telemark Championships and we took some time to chat about Telemark and their job, instructing units

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Let The Games Begin!

Registration for competitors at the British Royal Navy and Army Telemark Skiing Championship 2019 has begun!

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